Flooring Repair, Huntersville, NC

If you need flooring repair for your carpet, tile or hardwood floor, turn to our Huntersville repair team to make it look like new again.

Flooring Repair in Huntersville, North Carolina
If you just got a sinking feeling because something has damaged the flooring in your Huntersville, North Carolina home, you might be pleased to learn that our experts here at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning could save you money by performing flooring repair instead of needing to replace your flooring completely. We have an excellent track record for resolving issues with carpet, tile, and hardwood.

  • Carpet Flooring Repair – There are different problems you could have with your carpet, including stains, pulling away from the wall, or fiber damage from a pet or vacuum. We can assess the issue and provide a recommendation to restore your carpeting, which could include re-stretching, deep cleaning with enzymes, or replacing a damaged section. We’ll also give our honest advice about whether replacement would be your better option.
  • Tile Flooring Repair – If you have a chipped or broken tile, call on us to replace it. If you have extra tile left over from the original installation, we’ll use that so the result looks the same as before. If you do not, we have a couple other options. Since we have a 5,700-square-foot showroom full of flooring options, we can try to match your tile as closely as possible. If your tile has been discontinued and nothing comes close, we can try to come up with a design change where a contrasting tile would replace more than just the one tile so that it looks like you intended to have two different tiles involved. We always communicate your options, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Hardwood Flooring Repair – The great thing about hardwood is that depending on the quality and how many times it has been repaired in the past, it is usually just a simple matter of sanding and refinishing to restore a hardwood floor.

If you have questions about flooring repair or the many types of flooring we stock and install, give us a call or stop by our showroom. We look forward to providing solutions for any of your flooring problems.

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