carpet flooringBefore you head to your local flooring store to look at carpet flooring, it is a good idea to think about what traits you need your final selection to have. Think about where you are putting it to be able to recognize if durability, appearance, comfort, stain resistance or ease of cleaning is your prime motivation. Once you have that in mind, the next thing to consider is how pile height can affect those concerns.

For the most part, pile height is considered either low, medium, or high based on how much tuft is above the surface. Low pile carpet flooring is less than ¼ inch, medium between ¼ and ½ inch, and high is greater than ½ inch.

Low pile carpet flooring has a number of advantages. It is generally easier to clean because dust, dirt, and debris sits right on top to be vacuumed away without difficulty. The disadvantage is that low pile carpet flooring lacks the plush comfortable feeling and may not be as aesthetically pleasing to some people. You can sometimes counter this hardness with a plusher carpet padding installed under the carpeting.

If you don’t mind taking more effort to vacuum to get to what falls deeper into the carpet flooring, a medium or high pile carpet would be the option if you are looking for more comfort. It will require professional cleaning to keep the pile looking its best and for it to say in good condition longer.

If you have questions about pile height for carpet flooring or any other traits, stop by and see us at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning. Our 5,700-square-foot showroom in Mooresville, North Carolina has a wide variety of carpet flooring styles and our helpful staff will be happy to help you choose the best one for your situation.