Three Common Hardwood Floor Repair Issues & What You Can Do

If you love your hardwood floors, then you know you’ll do just about anything to keep them looking good. Your floors are an important investment for your home, and making sure they are in top shape is part of how you enjoy your home and how you present your space to guests. Unfortunately, something that can strike when you least expect it is the need to complete hardwood floor repair, and knowing what can be done for common repair issues may help you maintain your floors better over the long term.

  1. Scratches – Scratches can happen easily, with something as simple as moving a piece of furniture or sliding your shoes across the floor. Fortunately, surface scratches can often be buffed out quickly with the proper hardwood floor treatment.
  2. Dents & Dings – Dents, dings, and any scratches that are deep will need something different if your hardwood floor repair is going to be a success. If you have unsightly damage to your hardwood floors requiring repair, it may be worth asking a professional about sanding down your floors and refinishing them.
  3. Damage to the Finish – Another common hardwood floor repair that you may need to address is damage to the finish on the hardwood floors. The good news is that renewing your hardwood flooring finish is a great way to improve the look of your entire home. You may find that the wood looks renewed and your color and style preferences can be updated, as well.

If you need professional hardwood floor repair, contact us at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning for assistance at your home. We offer comprehensive floor cleaning services and can help you address problems on virtually any surface. We can also help you choose new flooring for your home when it’s time for replacement. We look forward to working with you!