The Basics About Hardwood Floor Repair
For the most part, as time goes by, your hardwood floor is going to get scratches, dings, and so forth. Most people agree that those little mars are what give it character. However, if your hardwood floor has gone beyond being full of character and is now leaning toward being just plain ugly, it may be time to consider hardwood floor repair.

One of the most revered benefits of hardwood flooring is the ability to repair it instead of replace it as you would with most other types of flooring. There are many different types and quality levels when it comes to hardwood flooring, so how many times you can have total hardwood floor repair done can vary. The process of sanding and refinishing does remove a small amount of the wood surface, so this cannot be done an infinite number of times. Other than the most basic level of flooring, you can expect your hardwood floor to last a lifetime and be brought back to life at least two or three times.

Hardwood floor repair can also be done to patch one area or board rather than dealing with the entire room. This is the technique used when only one area has been damaged, such as by water damage from a leak. The damaged boards are removed and new boards put in. The new boards will need to be stained and treated so they match. If you have flooring remaining from the install, it can be used, but keep in mind that it usually won’t match exactly. Hardwood flooring naturally changes in color slightly from sunlight and the aging process.

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