hardwood floor sandingYou have been looking at your hardwood floor for a while now feeling distressed because it looks, well, you know, distressed. A bit of abuse on a floor looks charming and “lived in,” but it reaches a point where you just cannot stand the look of it anymore. Before you go plunk some money down for a powerful floor sanding machine and start watching videos, consider these reasons why you might not want to tackle hardwood floor sanding yourself.

First, ask yourself how much you’ll really save by doing it yourself. By the time you get all the necessary equipment, materials, and supplies, much of which you’ll never use again, you may find your cash outlay more than you thought. Unless you have a huge house or a bunch of friends who are hoping you’ll now go into the hardwood floor sanding business to help them, too, it may not be worth it.

Second, seeing isn’t doing. Watching a video, or even a hundred of them, won’t make you an expert. You could very well end up with a real mess and then have to call in an expert to fix what you messed up. One of the most common mistakes is sanding off way more than is necessary, which means you won’t get as many times to bring your hardwood floor back to life before it needs to be replaced.

Lastly, another common mistake is not knowing the flooring well enough to know if it even should be sanded. Hardwood floor sanding is only appropriate if there is a thick enough top layer to handle it. Budget hardwood flooring doesn’t have this and some engineered hardwood will come out looking horrible if you try. Your DIY savings, and then some, just got spent on new flooring.

At the very least, before you decide to tackle hardwood floor sanding on your own, give us a call at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning. We would be happy to take a look at your floors and tell you what you are up against. Contact us today to find out more!