flooring replacementChanging the flooring in your entire home or even part of it can be quite an investment. The last thing you want to do is make the mistake of choosing something that isn’t in style anymore. Here are some coloring trends that home buyers are looking for that you should know about, particularly if you plan to sell your home within five years.

One of the most popular flooring replacement trends is utilizing luxury vinyl with styles that mimic wood, stone, and other materials. This product is very durable with wear layers that are nearly impervious to most of the things that can easily damage other types of flooring. The popularity stems from the wide variety and easy maintenance. Luxury vinyl is ideal for every room of a home, including moisture-prone areas, such as laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Wood flooring is also popular with the gray tones and wide planks coming into favor. Exotic woods are particularly in demand as well as those with lots of texture and character. While in the past designers have warned against using materials and colors other than neutrals, that is no longer the case. Going for pop and uniqueness may reduce the number of buyers who love the style you’ve chosen, but the right buyers will pay substantially more for what they find exceptionally beautiful.

Carpeting has not gone completely out of favor, particularly because of the new technology that has been applied in the industry. You’ll find “green” carpeting and new fibers that are incredibly soft and durable. Stain resistance has gone from so-so to spectacular as well, making this a viable flooring replacement option.

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