flooringChoosing flooring for the standard types of rooms can be enough of a challenge, but when you have something a bit more unique, it can make you wonder where to turn. The good news is that there are often a number of flooring options that will work well for your situation. A flooring specialist is your best bet to learning the advantages and drawbacks of differing flooring options so that you can make an informed decision. Here are a few unique applications that call for special attention when choosing flooring.

  • Wine Cellar – Putting in a wine cellar at your home is exciting. You know that the flooring you choose must not only survive the unique environment of your wine cellar, but also not be detrimental in any way to your soon-to-be thriving wine collection. One thing to consider is that wine is heavy. You could easily have a ton or more depending on the size of your collection. You’ll also want flooring that can handle the controlled environment – the refrigeration and humidity factors, in particular. The three most common options for flooring would be wood (if properly installed), cork (does seem to make sense, right?), and tile.
  • Home Theater – Everything in the room you plan to have a home theater should be chosen with acoustics in mind. Wood and laminate are generally poor choices as they can detrimentally alter the sound quality. Carpeting can be ideal for its soundproofing qualities. You also need to consider the ramifications of where the room will be. If you are converting a basement, for example, you’ll need to consider moisture issues as well.

If you are planning something unique at your home and want advice on the best flooring for this type of room, don’t hesitate to ask us at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning in Mooresville, North Carolina. Stop by our 5,700-square-foot showroom to see a variety of materials and learn more about the advantages of each type for your situation.