If you are looking for beautiful new flooring for your home, you should consider carpet. Carpet is the most popular choice for flooring, and for good reason.  Whether you are building a brand new home, or getting new flooring in your current home, you can’t go wrong with carpet.

Carpet is traditionally more warm and inviting than other flooring options. Tile, vinyl, and hardwood are cold and are not very comfortable to sit on. Carpet also acts as an insulator, so carpet can provide you with extra insulation in your home.

It is very easy to find exactly what you are looking for with carpet because it is so versatile. Carpet comes in many colors and textures. You can go for very plush and soft carpet with a thick pad and a dense carpet. You can pick carpet that has patterns on it or that is plain. Carpet also comes in almost any color, so it is easy to find carpet that goes with your decor.

Additionally, carpet provides added safety to your home. Children and elderly people benefit from carpet because it can help protect them from slipping and falling.  Carpet is slip-resistant, so it is much safer to have in your home.  Children who run through your home in socks are less likely to slip and fall on carpet.  Carpet is also great for elderly people because it gives them better traction to get around.

If you are looking for the perfect new carpet for your home, contact us at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning.  We can help you select beautiful carpet that will look wonderful in your home.  You can visit our showroom and see many different samples of carpet, so you can compare different colors and textures to find exactly what you are looking for.