Carpet Cleaning & Owning Pets: Dos and Don’ts

If you are a pet owner, then you know all of the joys that come with having a furry friend as your constant companion. However, you also know that there can be downsides, like those times when your pet may be ill. Whether you have dogs, cats or other household animals, you know the frustration that comes with trying to keep your carpet clean after an accident or when your pet is ill. So, what exactly is the best way to keep your carpet looking its best after your pet has had an accident? Here are a few Dos and Don’ts.

DO – Clean Up Right Away – The more quickly you can get any unexpected items off your carpet, the less worry you’ll have about long-term stains. While it isn’t always possible to know when your pet may have an accident, addressing your carpet cleaning concerns early on will help you avoid unsightly spots.

DON’TUse Bleach – While it’s tempting to throw everything under the cabinet on your floor to get rid of stains and germs associated with a pet cleanup, in reality, bleach may just make your carpet look even worse. It can remove the color from your carpet quickly and damage the carpet fibers themselves. Instead of a temporary pet stain, you may end up with a permanent bleach spot.

DOUse Pet-Appropriate Cleaners – Did you know that there are cleaning products specifically designed to remove pet stains, as well as leave your home smelling clean and free of harmful chemicals? Whether you’ve had your first pet accident or not, keeping pet-appropriate cleaners nearby will help you feel prepared when this type of incident occurs.

DON’TScrub the Floor – When you discover a pet accident that requires carpet cleaning, the first thing we often feel we should do is scrub back and forth to remove the stain. Unfortunately, this method may just leave you with long streaks and a bigger stain to get rid of. Instead, try to scoop or dab at the areas where you need carpet cleaning to help contain any staining due to pet accidents.

You can always consult with our professionals at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning, as well, and we recommend having your carpets steam cleaned at least once per year for best results. Give us a call today if you need carpet cleaning assistance at your home.